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 IDEAL Institute Of Management And Technology 

School Of Law

Mrs. Sudha Aggarwal


(IIMT & School Of Law)


I would like to Welcome each one of you to URJAA- The Battle of Words.

Youth Parliaments are a way to nuture young minds in policy making and thereby empower them to become the young leaders of the country. Debates lead to change of ideas and thoughts which is the very essence of democracy. I welcome each one of you to experience two days of extravagant debates and deliberations. Good Luck.

Sh. Vineet Aggarwal


(IIMT & School Of Law)


We are all motivated by a keen desire for praise and the better the man is, the more he is inspired to glory

Knowledge is an essential  element of this era. By application of mind and experiences a person gains practical knowledge which is more beneficial. Youth Parliamentarians practice skills and and acquire knowledge that without fail helps them in the career they choose.

Best of Luck!

Prof. (Dr.) Anil Parkash Sharma


(IIMT & School Of Law)


To maintain pace with fast moving world it is necessary to be expert in specific domain area, be it academics, politics, economy, culture and science, hence law is no exception. The field of law has also undergone various radical changes over the years. In the era of globalization and world wide mega integration, competition has become global complexity where the power of knowledge will be the only tool of survival. 

Considering changed global scenario and the new challenges and opportunities, the students need to be diligent, disciplined and dedicated. They need to be able to amalgamate the theoretical knowledge with practical applications of their learning to set global benchmarks.

All the Best everyone!!

Prof. (Dr.) T.P.S Rathore


(School Of Law, IIMT)


“Winners don't follow rules, Winners make rules.”

It is my great pleasure to welcome each one of you to URJAA- The Battle of Words. The team is quite excited to host the Youth Parliament. By visiting our webpage you started a process that could lead to experiencing an incredibly rewarding event. If you are an experienced in the field of Youth Parliaments or this would be the first time you enter an intellectually thrilling simulation of this sort, it can provide you with the right mix of challenge and guidance. You can call this Youth Parliament a perfect starting point for what can become your very own Youth Parliamentary adventure.

Youth Parliamentarians practice skills and acquire knowledge that without fail helps them in the career they pursue. Working for a NGO, a government institution, a think tank, or any organization, what you experience during the Youth Parliaments, will aid you in a variety of simulations. So if you enjoy heated debates, fruitful conversations, experiencing the multiplicity of views or current national disputes, parliamentary debates are the perfect platform.

Hope to see each one of you there.

Dr. Arun Gupta

Vice Principal 

(School Of Law, IIMT)


"Its not the will to win but the will to prepare to coin which makes all the difference.". The competition creates winners not through prizes, but through endeavor and it is the endeavor that turns ordinary men & women into great ones .When we start a Mock Parliament all of us are novices but as we come to its completion, we always gain knowledge and learn from practice. I look forward to provide all students with an opportunity to make the best memories here.

We firmly believe in helping young pioneers in taking their first step towards success and hope to bring this vision to reality .We expect inquisitive minds raising questions on the national issues that plague our country, and provide the most innovative and practical solutions for the same. But most of all, we truly aspire to deliver a prospect at furnishing and carving out the true leaders of tomorrow in each delegate.

Best of luck!


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