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“Youth Parliament” can be understood in common as a MOCK PARLIAMENT SESSION organized in an institution.

Here, the participants are allotted different portfolios of Parliamentarians/ministers and they portray as of them representing their respective constituencies. Thumping on tables & raising the placards gives it an effect of a real parliament session. This Youth Parliament focuses on the importance of young minds working on stagnant laws and suggesting a change to rotate the wheel. This event stresses upon inculcating leadership qualities in the youth of our country. 

Ideal Institute Of Management and Technology & School Of Law is proud to announce it's Youth Parliament Event, which will take place on 6th & 7th October, 2017.




The Youth Parliament is a platform for the youth to speak up and make an impact on the change agenda for the country. To take on the policy makers and highlight the need for new thinking that will take the country forward. The platform will inspire the youth to express their views in an organised way. It will also allow for the emergence of bright future leaders.

The target is to engage youth in a participative dialogue in a format that has never been done before. Youth have become deeply opinionated but at times are frustrated with the lack of opportunity to get their voice and opinions heard. The Youth Parliament is the platform for them to step forward and question policy and the people who have been formulating the policy.



The All India Political Parties Meet is a non-technical yet powerful committee introduced in order to emulate political realities by bringing to light various layers of polity and governance in India. It helps participants grasp the multi-layered processes that go behind policy-making and governance in India, providing them with a hands-on approach to the impediments and challenges that confront political parties in modern times.












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